SoftMed company limited provides professional services in the areas of public health, implementation science, software products development, medical services and technologies to local and international, non-governmental organizations and others actively involved in promoting health and social economic development in the United Republic of Tanzania and beyond. We also carry out development research, administer social surveys, and prepare baseline information/data important for designing interventions in public health and other areas such as education and agriculture.

Our Strategy:
Our aim is to provide locally relevant, latest, technologically advanced ICT and medical technology services. We continually strive to rationalize the cost and features, and make them accessible and affordable. To do this, we need the right people with the right skills. We need to research the unmet needs, develop relevant technologies. And we need to understand our customers better than anyone else.

We do this by developing and implementing innovative solutions across the sectors in partnership with our customers in order to provide better value and expand access to social services.

At SoftMed, we strive to make ICT services and medical technologies, accessible and affordable, and to rationalize the cost of social services delivery. We are passionate about the design and technological innovations that make positive impact on social services, for masses.


SoftMed (T) Ltd, will be at the forefront, in providing high quality, Innovative solutions & services and valued for its ability in enabling universal social service delivery.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish SoftMed as a thought leader in the ICT and medical technologies eco-system. We will collaborate and integrate with all the stakeholders of the eco-system and work towards this common goal of making technologies use in social services being ‘Affordable & Accessible’ to the masses.

Our commitment

To deliver locally relevant services and products that make a difference to our partners providers and stakeholders. We believe that the best way to do this is to critically observe the providers in the field and then develop relevant technological solutions to these evaluated, compelling unmet needs.