Software Development

Our team  develops all our own ‘out-of-the-box’ software packages in house in Tanzania; so we know we can provide you with the best solution to suit your company needs. To cover the complicated functions and critical areas, or otherwise to fill requirements that existing software cannot, we can also develop customized database management systems.  Our approaches have been centered to our clients needs and our design are human centered, a round table discussion about the business process automation leads to the best selection of digital strategy to undertake.  

Monitoring and Evaluation

We work to maximise the social and economic impact of development efforts. As a trusted provider of monitoring and evaluation services we combine our deeply rooted understanding of the in country and regional context with our extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methods to assess progress and measure value creation.

Data management Services

Data is the new tool when it comes to powering today’s businesses. Data is an unlimited resource and that can be used multiple times. This fact makes data management all the more critical for the success of your business. Your ability to consume, process and interpret data irrespective of its source or form enables you to make the right strategic decisions quickly – a trait that gives you an edge over competition.

Capacity Building and Training

We believe in building knowledge and skills through training and mentoring. We only offer training  in subjects in which we have our core skills so we can share practical experiences from the field. Our team is made up of innovative, highly qualified, skilled, and dynamic professionals of diverse disciplines trained in worldwide environments. Their common specialty is that they are self-starters, reliable and have a good understanding of the local conditions in Tanzania, the region and World at large. Our team has been at a forefront of development work such as Research, land scape analysis of various programs, tools and processes designs including many other areas. Since its inception, SoftMed has been a pioneer of approaches and tools for organisational development and capacity building. Being a player in software development  have been utilizing various training skills to ensure that the driven agenda can be adopted and sustained to impact the society and not otherwise.  


Technical Support

  We believe in partnership with our clients, since  we are digital transformation consulting firm we ensures that our partners business grows through technology enabler. We have adopted resilient approaches to intergrate our technology and technical knowledge to our clients business needs. We are always there to support our clients since we are partners !  

Our clients

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