Software Development

Our team  develops all our own ‘out-of-the-box’ software packages in house in Tanzania; so we know we can provide you with the best solution to suit your company needs. To cover the complicated functions and critical areas, or otherwise to fill requirements that existing software cannot, we can also develop customized database management systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We work to maximise the social and economic impact of development efforts. As a trusted provider of monitoring and evaluation services we combine our deeply rooted understanding of the in country and regional context with our extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methods to assess progress and measure value creation.

Data management Services

Data is the new oil when it comes to powering today’s businesses. The only flaw in this analogy is that unlike oil, data is an unlimited resource and that can be used multiple times. This fact makes data management all the more critical for the success of your business. Your ability to consume, process and interpret data irrespective of its source or form enables you to make the right strategic decisions quickly – a trait that gives you an edge over competition.

Capacity Building and Training

After installing your custom application  you and your staff receive training how you need to use it.  Still you may need additional training, for example to know more about specific features or because you have hired new staff. SoftMed Tanzanian offers training sessions by our qualified support staff.

Technical Support

SoftMed Tanzania provides  IT support in Tanzania .If you have an IT infrastructure you will appreciate how important IT support and maintenance is. We can provide that support, management and IT maintenance. Based in Tanzania we provide IT support services to companies right across Tanzania.

Our clients

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