Our Services

Project evaluation and design

We conduct independent evaluations and assessments of national and regional projects, programs, development initiatives and communication campaigns and products. Using quantitative and qualitative research methods is at the core of our work. We strive to add value to public and private sector partners and development organizations by providing accurate, insightful and cost-effective solutions to enhance program performance.

Research and Development

We conduct analytical and comprehensive research, with an ability to write for readers from various audiences and a capacity for exact editing. Our dedicated team has experience creating research strategies, synthesizing and analyzing findings and compiling comprehensive research reports

Software Development

At SoftMed, we have a team of systems analysts and software developers with high knowledge and skills in Software development using different technologies and tools. We work with different organizations and government in different projects to develop different tool for assisting different tasks. We help to optimize data using in-house and online databases for different projects.

Training and Mentoring

We train both senior and middle level managers to bring their organization to the next level and mentor high-potentials to take off and fly on their own. We help to build up teams to perform better and run trainings based on best practices. We offer strategic advice, campaigning and organizational support across a wide range of different environmental and social issues as well as empowering management support techniques.

Technology for M&E/research

Many Organizations today have increasingly embraced ICT in Monitoring and Evaluation process. This is because M&E systems has changed over time. New ICT tools have made monitoring faster and more accurate. Using mobile phones have also helped to collect and analyze data on real time, reach out to a wider group, and get feedback from the communities they serve on real time. A number of ICT platforms have been developed such Open Data Kit, Tablet or phone based data collection tools and so many others, we train you to acquire knowledge and skills to create a robust M&E system for your organizations.